Welcome to the Japartment at Komorebisansou 木漏れ日

"Komorebisansou" is a beautiful, tranquil Japanese living space that is attached to our home in Boulder Creek, CA.  Komorebisansou was created by Japanese-trained artisans using traditional methods and authentic materials.  Its spirit will transport you to the mountains of Japan at a fraction of the cost, and within a 45 minute drive from Silicon Valley.  Boulder Creek is on Highway 9, in the heart of the Santa Cruz mountains among the redwoods.  It is within a half-hour drive of a golf course, Big Basin State Park, various wineries, the Santa Cruz Beach and lots of good restaurants.  The apartment has its own entrance and parking, and includes a six mat living area, a heated horigotatsu, a three mat sleeping room with futons and linens, a wooden ofuro and a fully functional kitchen.

The Japanese apartment at Komorebisansou is one of the ways we raise money to support the Wasshoi Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission of supporting travel opportunities to Japan for students who are financially disadvantaged.  You can book a stay through Airbnb, or directly through this website. Remember, all proceeds go directly to the students. At check-out, you may use a credit card, write a check to the Wasshoi Foundation, or use the donation button below (for online donations using credit cards, a small percentage is deducted for service fees).

For more information about the Wasshoi Foundation, please click here.

For more information about the design and construction of our Japanese apartment, read this

“Komorebi” is a word that doesn’t exist in English, but if it did, it would be “sunlightfilteringthroughtrees.” It’s common in song titles and lyrics, names of little bistros and cafés, hotels and inns, event venues, even senior citizen facilities.

It is written 木漏れ日, and the characters break down as follows:

  • 木 pictographic kanji for tree/trees

  • 漏れ kanji for the verb “to leak”

  • 日 pictographic kanji for sun

For a charming perspective on komorebi, watch the Japanese youtube video below.

Magical! What a treat. We felt like we were in Kyoto in the middle of the California redwood forest. The hosts were delightful. It is such a tranquil and cozy space. So many fabulous touches. We can’t wait to go back.

This is an amazing getaway under the redwoods. Like being teleported to Japan. The traditional soaking tub was a great treat after a day of hiking in Big Basin park.

Even though it's not far from the Bay Area, it feels like you've been transported to rural Japan. Without the jet lag, of course. The main tatami-floored living room is awesome in the colder months, with the heater going underneath the kotatsu. Outside, you can take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the redwoods that surround the house. Nature is all around you in this gorgeous, handcrafted nook in the forest.



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